SBA 8(a) Checklist of Required Documents Updated

In a welcome change the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has just updated and expanded its standardized checklist of documentation required for the SBA 8(a) Business Development Programapplication.

Many mandatory data items that were previously left unaddressed in the official 8(a) checklist have been added, which should reduce the number
of 8(a) applications initially deemed inadequate for processing because applicants will be better informed about what the government needs to see to determine eligibility for the SBA 8(a) program.

The SBA has also added some clarifying text to the 8(a) checklist to help applicants understand what documentation variants are acceptable
and not acceptable in the application.

Applicants might find one new SBA request on the checklist irritating—documents submitted for review should bear holes punched at the top
of each page rather than vertically down the left side of each page. The SBA 8(a) Department of Program Certification and Eligibility (DPCE) has filed documents this way for a long time; however, this practice is not as common in business, so many applicants will have to either buy pre-punched paper or re-align their paper punch devices.

Despite this, the changes to the checklist are generally positive in nature and a great improvement over the older version, which had become outdated. (And, our editors on staff happily note that one major glaring spelling error in the old checklist has finally been rectified!)

Applicants can view this new 8(a) checklist within their own personal, secure online 8(a) applications hosted on the SBA’s General Log-in

Want more information about this new SBA 8(a) checklist? Our GCS Inc. staff members are available to answer your questions at

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4 responses to “SBA 8(a) Checklist of Required Documents Updated”

  1. Mark Farrow says :

    How much American Indian do you have to be to qualify for 8A status?

    • Get 8a Certified with GCS Inc. says :

      The SBA does not ask questions about Native American “blood quotient.” The only way to prove your American Indian heritage to the SBA is to possess a tribal roll card from a federally recognized tribe or a state recognized tribe. You will have to insert a photocopy of your tribal roll card into your paper portion of your 8(a) application. Let us know if we can answer any other questions for you!

  2. Frank Anderson says :

    I would like to see the checklist before I start the process to see if there are any disqualifying requirements on the list. How can I view the checklist? Thank you.

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