Are There Costs Associated With 8(a) Certification? A Few Things to Consider As You Apply

Applying for Small Business Administration 8(a) certification itself is free of charge–the federal government does not charge you anything to file for 8(a).

As you prepare your application materials, however, bear in mind these small costs so you are not caught by surprise along the way:

1. Postage. You are definitely going to want to send your 8(a) materials to the government in a secure and traceable fashion such as FedEx, UPS or DHL. (We are sad to say this, but the United States Postal Service has lost some of our clients’ packages in the past.) After your initial application submission there will likely be some back and forth with the SBA that will require the mailing of additional files and documents.

2. Notary public. You have to notarize at least one document in your 8(a) application and you might discover other documents that require notarization as well, depending upon your individual situation.

3. Accountant. If you do not compute your company financials yourself you will need to pay your accountant to generate a current balance sheet and profit and loss statement at a very minimum.

4. Ordering company formation documents. If you misplaced your company formation documents or if they are incomplete, your state of formation will charge you a fee to send you new copies.

5. Photocopying and printing. You don’t want to send the SBA your original documents–send copies only, as originals will not be returned to you. Also, your copying costs might add up if you go to a copy shop; one of the most recent 8(a) applications we processed was ten inches tall!

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