New Contract Vehicle Available Soon: OASIS from GSA for Procurement of Professional Services

In order to receive funds from the federal government, a company MUST have a “contract vehicle”–no contract vehicle means no federal contract.

SBA 8(a) certification is a contract vehicle, but there are many others.

One upcoming contract vehicle is critical for any contractor that wants to sell professional services to the GSA: OASIS, which stands for “One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services.”

Put in layman’s terms, you basically have to apply for each contract vehicle. The process to apply to be a part of OASIS starts this month when GSA issues the draft Request for Proposal (RFP).

If you are interested in OASIS, you need to start doing your homework now. Read everything you can get your hands on, be on the lookout for upcoming Industry Days events that will give you a chance to submit questions and receive answers from GSA, and start your proposal prep work early.

The final RFP won’t show up until March 2013, but if you wait until then to get started, you will already be behind the curve. You need to start positioning yourself to win a slot on OASIS today.

Here is your OASIS starting point: the GSA OASIS website.

Our advice is read everything on the GSA OASIS website thoroughly and start brainstorming your approach. Even if you already possess 8(a) certification, if GSA is your target client and you offer professional services such as management consulting, financial analysis, logistics services, etc., you need to be involved with OASIS.

This is especially important because some GSA customers prefer to use their own in-house contract vehicles even before they opt to use the 8(a) vehicle (even though 8[a] would probably save the client some time and effort.)

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