How Will the Sequestration Affect My 8a Certification?

Whether you are already SBA 8(a) certified or you are in the process of obtaining your SBA 8(a) certification, you are probably concerned about potential service disruptions or time delays at the SBA, should sequestration take effect on Friday, March 1, 2013.
The good news is you can relax—at least over the near term, sequestration should not have a negative effect on your 8(a) certification or 8(a) application.
Government Executive magazine reports that the Small Business Administration does not anticipate any furloughs of its employees, and any required budget cuts will be made by trimming loans first rather than cutting back on other essential SBA services.
Although you do not have to worry about sequestration from an SBA 8(a) paperwork perspective, which is certainly a relief, you should touch base with any existing federal clients you currently possess at other agencies to determine whether or not sequestration will affect your contract activity or your payments.

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