Lower Price on Our 8a Application Review Service

Government Certification Specialists Inc. has lowered its price for its SBA 8(a) application review service to $1,000.00.

What this 8(a) application review service provides you:

1. You send GCS Inc. your completed 8(a) application and we analyze it from end-to-end hunting for any incomplete documents, documents that require changes to comply with 8(a) rules, any possible risk areas, and other issues or concerns that should be addressed.

2. We give you a detailed review report that outlines our findings and gives you advice on how to correct any problems or issues in your application. A typical review report is 20 pages long, so we give you a lot of information and detail to help you understand what the SBA wants to see in your application.

Believe it or not, most people who try our review service believe their 8(a) applications to be “complete” and are subsequently shocked at what GCS Inc. finds and how many more documents are required for a successful 8(a) application.

If you are interested in our review service and/or a payment plan for our review service, please email an inquiry to info@get8acertified.com (the fastest way to reach us and get started) or give us a call at 703-350-8389 to discuss your needs.

Whether you use our review service or not, we wish you much success in the 8(a) program!


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About Get 8a Certified with GCS Inc.

Veteran owned SBA 8(a) consulting firm. Email us at info@get8acertified.com or securely buy kits and examples at 8aapplication.com.

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