Why Do 8a Application Consulting Services Cost so Much?

Some prospective clients choke when we tell them our fee, which is (as of October 1, 2013) $3,980.00 for our full service 8(a) application assistance package.

It is understandable that this dollar amount can sound formidable on the surface, as all an 8(a) consultant does is printing and collating documents, right?

Not exactly. In addition to collating documents for your 8(a) application, here is a partial list of activities our consulting service performs to prep your 8(a) application:

1. We ask you a ton of questions probing for potential risk areas and take notes while we do this.

2. We take the time to find and propose solutions for any risk areas we uncover in your application. Sometimes this means hours of Internet research examining federal laws and court case files.

3. We interview each socially and economically disadvantaged owner.

4. We compose narratives for each socially and economically disadvantaged owner.

5. We prepare missing documents for you, such as stock registers, meeting minutes, or whatever else you might be missing that we are legally allowed to do.

6. We send you examples and templates.

7. We take time to answer all of your questions, which sometimes requires research.

8. We prepare personal and company documentation checklists for you and your key employees, then manage and track those checklists.

9. We log in every item you send us in a standardized checklist. This often means more than just marking a check in the box to record the fact that an item was received; we often have to prepare notes to document and explain anomalies in your paperwork.

10. We read and review every sentence of every page of every document you give us.

11. When a client disputes or objects to our advice, we take the time to explain to each client why we advised him or her the way we did and how the law affects the advice we give him or her. Some clients want to debate these topics with us, which takes additional time to resolve. Sometimes we conduct research to prove our points and positions when a client is skeptical.

12. We perform data entry on the electronic application.

13. We print and collate the printed half of the application.

14. We help you respond to SBA letters and questions.

15. We have telecons with our clients to explain SBA letters and questions and gather data to help respond to the SBA.

Again, this is just a partial list of what we do as 8(a) application consultants–many other activities are required along the way, such as helping clients collaborate with System for Award Management (SAM) technical support staff to fix technical glitches in Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) profiles; asking clients to explain and clarify information and documents they gave us that are difficult to interpret or hard to understand; answering client emails and queries; editing files and proofreading; examining financial statements for compliance; and many, many more 8(a) application tasks.

This type of work can sound simple but it takes hours and hours of labor by multiple Government Certification Specialists Inc. staff members, some of whom you know by name and others who work quietly and namelessly on the sidelines (all of us are based in the USA, however–no foreign contractors are ever used because we care about information security).

If our 8(a) application services sound of interest to you, please email us at info@get8acertified.com or else peruse our collection of downloadable DIY resources available on our secondary site http://www.8application.com.

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