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Why Our 8A Narrative Statement of Social Disadvantage Service Price Has Increased

Government Certification Specialists Inc. recently raised the price of its 8A Narrative Statement of Social Disadvantage writing service to $1,200.00 because the SBA has dramatically increased its “preponderance of evidence” standard in recent months—ostensibly to make it tougher for “non-presumed” individuals to gain admission into the protected SBA 8(a) program—which entails far more labor hours for our staff writers, researchers, and editors.

Whereas a detailed social narrative of about 10 pages in length was typically acceptable to the SBA in the past, the social disadvantage statements we write now are double that length or longer.

In addition, there is an increased need to conduct research to bolster each social narrative, including acquiring quotes, statistics, and legal and court case citations to prove to the SBA what constitutes bias, discrimination, prejudice, harassment, and social disadvantage.

Finally, a standalone narrative statement of social disadvantage is apparently no longer enough to satisfy the SBA even if it contains dozens of detailed descriptions of different incidents and events that harmed the applicant’s business and restricted his or her access to credit and capital—the SBA now demands that each statement of social disadvantage be accompanied by additional separate documentation to prove bias and social disadvantage actually occurred.

This additional burden of proof and documentation is so closely linked and intertwined with the composition of the statement of social disadvantage that our writing service now encompasses both tasks: writing the narrative plus helping each client identify what additional paperwork he or she might possess to help prove he or she is a victim of social disadvantage. This, too, adds to our consultation labor hours.

If you plan to write your statement of social disadvantage on your own—which is understandable considering the price of paying a professional writer to do it for you—here is some fast advice to help you:

1. Document, document, document. Keep a detailed logbook of social disadvantage events that happen to you so that you can give the SBA detailed information. Ask people who see you suffer biased or prejudicial treatment in education, career, or business ownership to write down what they saw and get their statements notarized.

2. File complaints. If possible, when you experience discrimination or bias, file a formal complaint and try to prosecute the incident to receive formal redress from the school, the employer, or the client. Keep copies of your complaint files and do not discard them. Give the SBA copies of your complaint files to prove to the SBA that you protested and fought back when someone violated your rights.

3. Know the law. Familiarize yourself with any applicable laws such as hiring and employment regulations enforced by the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or the rules governing federal contracts and protests (the Federal Acquisition Regulation). When you write your narrative, be sure to point out to the SBA how the negative treatment you received in education, employment, or business violated federal laws and statutes such as civil rights laws.

Government Certification Specialists Inc. also has an inexpensive downloadable 8(a) narrative writing  kit you can use to help guide you as you write.

And even if you don’t want to use our kit or our social narrative writing service, we always try to answer whatever questions we can free-of-charge—just write to us at info@get8acertified.com if you need help and we will try to assist.


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